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There can be many situations where we want new keys for our home on an urgent basis so that our belongings are safe and we can go out carefree the next time. There could be many reasons behind it and based on them rekeying locks services might be required on an urgent basis or can be scheduled. A rekeying service would only change the set of keys you use to open your locks and would not impact any other part of the lock. One of the best service providers in is Key Biscayne FL Locksmith Store.

There are many benefits of rekeying locks over replacing the entire locks

  • Save on money

In most of the cases, getting the locks re-keyed is cheaper than getting the locks replaced completely thus, if your lock is in a good condition but you just want the old keys to not be able to open it, you can avail rekey services and save money. Therefore, with the same money you could get the lock rekeyed more times than getting it replaced with a new lock. If moving in to a new house is the reason you are going for rekeying locks services, it might not be possible for you to have a full fledged budget for new locks and rekeying could just be the best choice.

  • Lesser Time

In comparison to taking out the existing lock, putting the new one in place and then fitting the new lock, just rekeying locks and getting the inner parts of the lock changed requires lesser time. Though the skills required in this case are more than that required to replace the lock with a new one as the locksmith must be completely aware of the internal parts of the lock.

  • Improved Security

As the ones that have access to the previous keys would not be able to access it, you automatically strike off the ones that might be having unauthorized access to the keys from the list. This limits the number of people that can gain access to your property to the ones that you share the new keys with thus, resulting in a renewed sense of security. As a result you can be free from worries the next time you go out.

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