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Imagine you walk towards your car in the parking or reach your home after a tiring day at work and realize the keys are nowhere to be found, what do you do in such a situation? Your attempts to open the lock can go in vain and you should never attempt breaking the lock to get in as it might lead to more issues later. Thus, all you would need in such a scenario is a locksmith that works 24*7 and that can reach you quickly can help you out in such a situation. 

We might require a lock & key service for many reasons this is why working with the best name and contacting a reliable locksmith service provider is imperative so that the same may be contacted when any emergency arises. If you are looking for one such name in area, Key Biscayne FL Locksmith Store can prove to be a firm that you can trust.

All types of services

We not only provide fixing and replacing services, but all types of lock & key service for several other requirements are also available with us. Our customers can avail services starting from guidance during the initial phases to actual installation and maintenance to replacement and re-fitting. The locks and tools that we have comply with the required standards. In addition, there are countless designs to choose from for all the requirements.

Mobile vans for quicker resolution

Our mobile vans are everywhere across area, this is how we have maintained the response time to reach our customer at less than 20 minutes. Therefore, in case you need lock & key service on emergency basis, our locksmith would be able to reach you quicker than even your nearest local locksmith. This is how we provide top quality professional services to our customers within no time.

Upbeat with time

With the advancements in technology, the lock & key service  industry has also seen much advancement. Although Key Biscayne FL Locksmith Store was set up many years back and has been providing services over many years, they have also evolved with the changes in the industry. Our team can handle all types of locks ranging from the oldest padlocks that are still used by many of us to the transponder and chip based systems, to the latest systems that make use of biological imprints and features like voice recognition.

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